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Development and production of combustible gas detectors

Brief description of the project the project

The project supposes serial production of combustible gas detectors with consistent improvement of the serial product. The uniqueness of the project relates to the principle of thermochemical sensor based on the flameless combustion of methane on the operating element of the sensor using the bridge measurement method.

The sensors are intend for:

  • detection of a methane content in air and producing of electric signal proportional to volume fraction of hydrocarbon gases;
  • use in portable and stationary indicators, gas analyzers and signaling indicators; detection and localization of combustible and toxic gases; measuring them to explosive concentrations in potentially explosive gas atmosphere.
  • Direction of the project

    Instrument engineering and transport

  • Stage of the project

    Предшествующая посевной стадия (pre-seed stage)


Direction of

  Instrument engineering and transport
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