Instrument engineering and transport - High Technology Park of Ugra

Instrument engineering and transport

This activity area "Instrument engineering and transport" combines the most important technical branches. Moderization of the principal economy branches in Russia is impossible without instrument engineering and transport development.

Instrument engineering and development of transport system are essential parts of production and infrastructure, they take the principal place in social economic development of the region. Transport system provides with economic growth conditions, increasing of competitiveness of economy and living standards of local population. Instrument engineering creates a foundation of technical solutions realization, implemented in industry production and social life. Geographical features of Russia determine the priority value of a transport branch in development of transit potential of Yugra.

The projects of this area are directed at implementation of technical solutions for modernization of production basis, manufacturing of inventions and technical novelties, which make people's life easier and better, increasing of quality of provided transport services, decreasing of combined cost of society, growth of competitiveness of regional transport system, strengthening of innovation, social, ecological areas of development of a transport branch.

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