Competition of scientific and technological projects and startups "TECHNOVIZOV" - High Technology Park of Ugra

Competition of scientific and technological projects and startups "TECHNOVIZOV"


june, 2021

We invite you to take part in the TEKHNOVYZOV competition of scientific and technological projects and start-ups based on real technological demands of industrial enterprises!

The TECHNOVYZOV competition is held with the support of the Government of the Orenburg Region and ANO NTI Platform. The purpose of the competition is to activate the transfer of scientific developments, new technological solutions to the real sector of the economy. The operator of the competition is the Investment and Innovation Fund of the Orenburg Region.

Within the framework of the competition, industrial enterprises of the Orenburg region, in search of breakthrough ideas, formed 30 innovative requests, which are presented in detail in the presentation of the competition. Perhaps, among the stated requests, there are those that correspond to your idea or project!

Participation and victory in the TECHNOVIZOV competition will allow researchers to receive financial, resource and partner support from enterprises in the real sector of the economy.

The best projects will receive support in the form of grants from 200,000 to 1,000,000 rubles and investments of up to 10,000,000 rubles, they will find an industrial partner and will be able to test the project on the production resources of partner companies.

Detailed information about the competition, including the regulations, form and rules for submitting an application, are posted on the official website .

On June 1 and 6, online meetings of potential applicants with representatives of customer companies will take place, where you can ask all your questions on the thematic areas of the competition.