О технопарке

Quality management system

logoAI "High Technology Park of Yugra" was evaluated and registered by the designated organization NQA concerning the conformance to the standard requirements  of Quality Management Systems in area of organization-consulting  activity for commercialization of innovatio projects of the resident companies of Technopark. 

The present system is based on the principles of  a process approach and corresponding to the International Standard Requirements ISO 9001:2008; it is developed, recorded, implemented and technically supported in operation condition in AI "High Technology Park of Yugra" which proves the high level of operation of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra". 


General intentions and the principal activity branches of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra" in the quality field are officially represented by the top management in the Quality Policy. The Quality Policy is a public document demonstrating the orientation of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra" for increasing of customer satisfaction and requirements realization MC ISO 9001.

Realization of the present Policy means the understanding by all the workers of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra" the consumer requirements, providing with services in full accordance with expectations, as well as realization of personal responsibility for the results of activity and the role in the realization of this Policy. Executive authorities of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra" are responsible for realization of the Quality Policy, according the Quality Management Systems Standards ISO 9001:2008, and continuous increasing of its efficiency.

The Policy is developed by the Quality Council, adopted by the director of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra" and is brought to the attention of all workers of AI "High Technology Park of Yugra". At least anually the Quality Policy is evaluated accodring to the purposes and objectives.