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Smart energy

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The project focuses on the development of technology for the design and construction of high-performance system for automation regular power supply with the use of modern innovative solutions, materials and equipment for various costumers in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Ugra. Nowadays Ugra does not use alternative renewable energy. The inventors offer the technology for creation and improvement of autonomous hybrid power stations. The technology is based on the inventor’s universal calculation. The calculation is developed to select equipment necessary for stations design in our climate and solar activity. The inventors in “know-how” mode produce the intellectual property.

The advantage of developed hybrid station is in the automatic mode of its operation. The system manages all station modules providing costumer with regular high quality electricity. Remote access via the Internet allows monitoring and managing the equipment at any time.

  • Direction of the project

    Instrument engineering and transport


Direction of

  Instrument engineering and transport
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