Resident-companies of Technopark of Ugra participate in the III Special Exhibition of Innovative Projects in Fuel and Energy Complex “Innovations. Development – 2020”


The exhibition runs on 18-19 February in Nizhnevartovsk as part of the III International Youth Applied Research Forum “Oil Capital”.

In framework of the exhibition Technopark represents the projects of five resident-companies in the field of fuel and energy complex.

One of the most active resident-company from Khanty-Mansiysk OOO “MAS-Service KhM” (LLC) presents a unique technology for using elastic cement ElastoCem in drilling and development of shale fields. Within the framework of the national project “Bazhen” this technology was successfully tested at Polyanovskaya area of Krasnoleninskiy oil field of OOO “Gazpromneft Khantos” (LLC). Oil industry workers greatly appreciated the developed technology.


In 2019 OOO “MAS-Service KhM” (LLC) demonstrated its ElastoCemtm technology at domestic and foreign forums – the VI China-Russia EXPO in Harbin and the Exhibition ADIPEC 2019 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

The resident-company from Nizhnevartovsk OOO “Inspection” (LLC) is working on development and entering into the market of non-destructive test instrument for detecting external and internal defects. This equipment allows diagnosing the wide range of damages. The process of determining defects has become more automatic. As a result, the company opened a new direction in non-destructive testing. The INSSCOPE non-destructive test instrument has no market analogues.


Another company from Nizhnevartovsk OOO “Research and Production Association “Atmosphere” (LLC) presents a method (MID-TOP) for intensifying oil extraction using thermochemical treatment of payout bed. The MID-TOP has the following advantages: cost reduction for chemical reagents by reducing the volume and concentration, material resources and time costs.


Individual Entrepreneur Pavel Badyarov from Nizhnevartovsk demonstrates the product line AMIKAN for treating oil spills, cleaning, processing and protection of metal surfaces such as

  • powdery substance AMIKAN-RG6 for neutralization and elimination of contamination with dark oil products;
  • powdery substance AMIKAN-TN20 for cleaning and degreasing any surfaces from crude oil, dark oil products and residual of oil;
  • chemical active gel-like substance AMIKAN-30T for protecting from corrosion, localization and neutralization from corrosive attacks;
  • powdery substance AMIKAN-OP12 for complex cleaning from highly contaminated, oxidized and greased metal surfaces, cleaning equipment, neutralization corrosive process, degreasing and preparing for painting.

The photo shows the condition of inner metal surfaces of the tanker before and after the work begins.

ИП Бадьяров1.jpg ИП Бадьяров2.jpg

OOO “Industrial Company “WestSiberiaDrillOil” (LLC) from Nizhnevartovsk introduces the equipment that is being developed as part of the project “Development and introduction of technologies for simultaneous and separate operation of two or more beds with electromechanical equipment”. Within the framework of the exhibition Technopark presents the technology of using electromechanical equipment in combination with geophysical instruments. This technology allows controlling selection from two or more beds simultaneously in order to optimize well operation and field development.