Neural network will help to create a “smart” security system

Research and development in the field of artificial neural networks in the near future will create intelligent autonomous systems security, nuclear new, unique properties, said an employee of the research laboratory of neuromorphic technologies, Novosibirsk State Technical University Valeriy Kugler.

Neuromorphic technology, imitating the work of neurons in the brain are designed to transmit, receive and process information. The relevance of this research and development is connected with the rapid development and introduction of intellectual robotics to different areas, including in the military.
Speaking at a round table in the framework of international military and technical forum "Army-2016," Kugler said that developments in the field of artificial neural networks in the world is currently experiencing a "unprecedented" rise.
"At the moment the so-called deep neural networks demonstrate superhuman ability in problems of face recognition and image recognition. According to many experts, achievements in the field of neural networks soon completely alter the way technical systems will be able to see, hear and interpret the information, "said Kugler. According to him, the role of neural networks will be the greatest for the systems of video surveillance, audio Analytics, cybersecurity, and also for access control systems. "The special role of Neuron-technology will play in the integration and processing of heterogeneous information from different types of sensors and sensors," Kugler said. According to him, this will create a new security system, autonomous intelligent quality.
In Russia work in the field of artificial neural networks in many research centres, particularly national research centre Kurchatov Institute, Moscow Institute of physics and technology, Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk State Technical University.